About Us

*What is Prabhat Tara Sanstha “The Morning Star Society” Miraj INDIA?

Prabhat Tara Sanstha (PTS) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose main goal is to bring justice, peace and equality to the lives of many poor families, regardless of  caste, creed or religious belief.

The efforts made by PTS are aimed at restoring human dignity and transforming the lives of the marginalized members of the red light villages in southern India, including the  Dalits , Eunuchs, Devdasis, women prostitutes and their children, all of whom are exploited as well as labeled “untouchable”. *   Those from theses brothel villages who are living with HIV/AIDS are also provided with care and support from PTS.

(Reverend Timothy Jalam, Monica Veldman-didi, Dr. Shweta Jalam, Mrs. Anjana Jalam, Teacher Lynn Veldman, Kalli Veldman-didi)

Challenges faced

The women working in the Red Light Districts of Miraj, Sanglai and Gokul Nagar are deprived of all privileges and basic human rights; they are not able to possess a ‘ration card’ which is the indicator of the most basic citizenship in India.    According to the government, 40% of sex workers and their children are living with HIV/AIDS .  As a result, the number of poor and orphaned children is rising rapidly.

These sex workers and their children are illiterare, oppressed, exploited, voiceless and powerless.  They are helpless against both the societal expectation that prostitution must continue in families into future generations as well as against the major problem of child trafficking.  When a child is sold,  he or she is exploited for pornography and illegal activities (pimping, theft & drug trafficking).  Natural human rights such as education, development, health and the right to give birth are stolen from these children.

How PTS Helps

PTS has instituted the following developmental activities for women and children in the Red Light Areas:

*Three pre-school education centers have been established, one in each of the three red light areas

*Those with AIDS are provided with nutritional support, transportation to the Civil  hospital and psychosocial support

*Skill training in tailoring for the adolescent girls

*Organized Eye, ENT and Dental Camps have been created

*Workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention education

*One of the brothel houses is converted every Sunday into a church where all are welcome to meet for prayer

*The Boy’s Home and the Home of Hope orphanages

The Orphanages

My special interest lies in the foundation of the HOME of HOPE orphanage for girls and BOY’S HOME orphanage both in the Maharashtra area of Southern India.  These orphanages, founded in 2004 by Reverend Timothy Jalam, are for those children who have been born into the Red Light Districts and have mothers who have died or are dying of AIDS.  These little girls and  boys have been given a second chance in life after their devastating losses as well as a real opportunity for a bright future away from their brothel village.  They have been given the chance of a lifetime to break the cycle of prostitution which up until now was their destiny.

The children at the Home of Hope and Boy’s Home are the shining stars of the Morning Star Society “Prabhat Tara Sanstha”.  When my daughters, Kalli and Monica, and I are are in India with Reverend Timothy our job is to teach basic English language, health, geography and promote hygiene through lessons, songs and games.  It was love at first sight and, and as the pictures on this website show, to know them and have the opportunity to work with them has become a life-altering experience, one which we feel compelled to share it with others.

After our years working in India at the Home of Hope and Boy’s Home,  it has become our goal to find a way to spread our enthusiasm and help further their success and chances of a fulfilling and productive life.  Won’t you join us in our mission to help these children?

In the inspirational words of Mother Theresa,  “If you can’t  feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

My personal goal is to assign each orphan to a family who will become a ‘big brother’ or ‘sister’ through their sponsorship.   You will be able to follow your orphan’s progress through updates and photos from myself and Reverend Timothy.  Our goal with your contributions is to help the orphanages become more self sustaining and provide educational materials to further their chances of becoming productive citizens who have escaped the vicious cycle of prostitution.  You will realize that a little bit goes a long way when you visit our project page to see what has been accomplished as a result of past contributions.  Much is needed and much can be achieved and acquired if we work together to support Reverend Timothy and his efforts.  Your donations are truly appreciated and will be put to immediate use.

Sincerely,    Teacher Lynn Veldman

*Devdasis:  Girls from the lowest caste, *Dalit:  (Untouchable) whose parents have given them as local goddesses to temples as human “offerings.” Married to God before puberty, many of whom live in the temples, become sexual servants to the villages’ upper-caste men. In some villages, devadasis are kept as concubines by the men who bought them. In others they are public chattel, who can be used by men free of charge.  The upper castes wouldn’t drink from the same glass as a devadasis, but they make use of her body.

*Hijra means “impotent one” in Urdu.  Some hijras were made to be literal *eunuchs (castrated males) — some of them against their will.  The process of castration is often carried out without the aid of modern anesthesia or antibiotics.  Most Eunuchs/hijras are transgender of some sort and are usually considered to constitute a third sex or third trans-gender in that they are neither men nor women.